Day Date Brings Unexpected Fun

The photo does not do this burrito justice-it was huge and was full of fresh flavors!
The photo does not do this burrito justice-it was huge and was full of fresh flavors! This will not be our last date at La Juanita’s!

Last week my husband and I went on a day date. With the busyness of the holidays and raising two kids, we haven’t had much alone time lately. So, when my husband called me at 11:30 AM the other day asking if I wanted to meet for lunch, I eagerly accepted. I was spending the day cleaning and running errands, so this was an unexpected and welcome distraction. Although I knew the reason for the date was because his truck was in the shop and he needed a ride, I was glad he was making some time in his busy day for me.

I scrambled to get ready (I was in sweats and needed to become somewhat presentable) and formulated a plan. We typically have a difficult time deciding where to eat, so I took it upon myself to at least have my idea well thought out this time. Soon, I was headed downtown to meet my favorite guy.

Once inside La Juanita, you'll have to check out the murals. You can find many parts of our community on the walls.
Once inside La Juanita, you’ll have to check out the murals. They add a special touch to the burrito eating experience!

I suggested we try La Juanita‘s for lunch, and he obliged. He hadn’t been there since his college days, and it had been a few years for me, so it was about time we checked it out together! La Juanita’s is known in Storm Lake for incredible food, especially their burritos. And, let me tell you, they did not disappoint! We each got a steak and cheese burrito and were glad we did. Maybe it was because I forgot to eat breakfast in the rush of getting kids ready for school, but that burrito was AMAZING! I could tell it was made with fresh ingredients and a bit of cooking magic. The prices were reasonable too. For a little over $12 we each had a huge burrito and a drink.

Check out all these amazing treats at Delicias Bakery! They make tamales on the weekends. I cant wait to try those soon!
Check out all these amazing treats at Delicias Bakery! I can’t wait to stop by on a weekend and try their tamales!

We had a chance to chat a bit and enjoy the atmosphere before it was time go the second stop on our day date. We walked along Lake Avenue to Delicias Bakery. This is another great locally-owned business. The owner, Diego, is very friendly and is pro at making fun treats. The lineup of treats is huge! And, if you haven’t been there before, Diego will explain what he has made for the day.

I’ve been to Delicias Bakery a few times, and although there seems to be a little different selection each time, I knew whatever we picked out would be fun to try. (Helpful hint: Once you get to Delicias, grab a tray and tongs at the front counter. Then, head to the back, and fill up your tray before paying for your treats.) The sugar coated and fruit-filled pastries and breads don’t break the bank either. For less than $2 we enjoyed some new-to-us sweets.

Here are the treats we enjoyed on our trip to Delicias Bakery.
The treats at Delicias Bakery were tasty!

We opted to enjoy our treats in the bakery. There are only a few tables in the front of the store, so feel free to take your goodies home for enjoyment if you feel so inclined. The baked items are more ‘bready’ and less sweet than the doughnuts and cookies than I’m use to but would be great with a cup of coffee if that is your sort of thing.

We shared our treats and enjoyed a bit more chatting before my guy walked me to my car. It was lightly snowing, which added just a touch of romantic ambiance to our walk. While I didn’t start my day expecting a date, it was a fun way to spend a little extra alone time with my guy. It didn’t take more than a lunch hour and $15 to add something special and unexpected to our day. An extra bonus was not having to find and pay a sitter. I have a feeling we’ll be having more day dates in the future!