Adventure in Holstein, Iowa

Hanging Out at the Park
The city park in Holstein was full of great equipment! This little girl got pretty brave!

Have you ever checked out Holstein, Iowa? My girls and I explored this town of 1,400 people and had a great time! This well-kept community located in Northwest Iowa, where Highways 59 and 20 intersect, was the perfect place for a Girls Adventure!

Our first stop was Tiefenthaler Quality Meats, a retail meat store. Not something you may think of as a typical Girls Adventure stop, but it was worth the drive just for this! The store houses over 128 meat items to choose from. We stocked up on their skinless brats, which come in a variety of flavors. I also picked up some pork snack sticks with honey for a special treat (the girls just loved them!). With our cooler full and our mouths watering, we decided to leave the store and keep exploring Holstein.

Our next stop was the city park. It was a nice size and housed equipment for kids both big and small. The park was well kept and allowed for an hour or more of park play. There was plenty of space at the park for all types of games and activities, a shelter house, and additional picnic areas. The only downside was that the bathrooms were in need of cleaning, so we cut our park trip short for a pit stop.

Picking out the Brownies
Someone ate most of the brownies before I had a chance to dig in! She was in chocolate heaven!

That proved to be a good decision! We drove downtown and found the Inside Scoop, a 50’s inspired diner. Not only did the bathrooms meet our approval, but the staff was super friendly. We checked out their menu of goodies and decided we’d share a brownie sundae. We should have brought a few more friends to help us tackle this mammoth dessert! The girls wanted to sit on the red vinyl-covered bar stools. So we bellied up, enjoyed the atmosphere, and filled our tummies with chocolaty goodness! It would be hard to leave the Inside Scoop without a smile!

Follow Me!
“Follow me, I’m an expert!” called this little one as we enjoyed the walking trail in Holstein.

We found a 1.62 mile long trail near the Lohff Schumann Memorial Community Center and got some exercise after our yummy treat! The girls enjoyed watching the traffic on nearby Highway 20. We counted trucks and tried to guess what they were hauling across the county.

After our walk, it was time to head home. We enjoyed the beautiful countryside as we replayed our adventure and nibbled on some yummy pork sticks!

Holstein provided us with plenty of fun on our Girls Adventure! If you find yourself near Holstein or other small towns in Iowa, be sure to stop, and create your own adventure!