Rainbow Walk: Finding Beauty in Everyday Places

Yellow Dandelion
This beauty was the yellow item on our Rainbow Walk.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple; the colors of the rainbow are everywhere! For our Girls Adventure this week, we went on a ‘Rainbow Walk.’ Now, this was not my original plan for our adventure; it wasn’t even my ‘Plan B.’ It is one of those things that I thought up quick out of desperation because the original plan and the ‘Plan B’ were a total fail.

I learned a couple things in this process. First, when your plans don’t go as you wish, fun can still be had! ‘Plan C’ or even ‘Z’ may be better than your original plan. And, really simple activities can be big time fun for kids. Enjoying time in nature and seeing things from a child’s perspective can be exciting for grownups too.

Orange Light
Orange flowers and tail lights caught our eyes.

We chose to start our little walk in a neighborhood by the lake in Storm Lake, Iowa. We packed a snack to enjoy by the lake, and then planned take a stroll along the shore to search for treasures. Well, it was terribly windy. (I swear it was not windy when we left the house!) We just about blew away when we attempted to have our snack, so we ditched that plan and moved further away from the lake. One of my girls then loudly declared she wanted to go home, NOW. I knew then and there I needed to come up with another plan, and FAST! The idea of a ‘Rainbow Walk’ suddenly popped into my head.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find items that match the individual colors of the rainbow (we started with red).

2. Take a photo of that item.

3. Identify the next color of the rainbow, and repeat steps 1 and 2.

4. Once items for each color have been found, you’ll have a photo collection of the rainbow you found in nature, on your block, at the park, or in your city. (For rainy day fun, go on a ‘Rainbow Hunt’ in your home using the same process.)

Purple Shoes
Purple proved to be a little tricky-shoes ended up being our pick.

The girls and I had a lot of fun with this idea. The girls took turns taking photos and finding the colors. They were excited to use the camera on their own as well! We had contests to see who could find a color first, how many items of one color we could find, and who could find the biggest or smallest thing of a certain color. For small kids, this is a fun way to practice colors, counting, and sorting by size without realizing they are learning.

We stopped at a bench for awhile to enjoy a snack (without blowing away) and continued our walk. Before we knew it, we had walked over a mile and had many fun child-view photos to enjoy.

Bunny Chasing
The girls were excited to chase after a bunny while on our adventure, and I loved watching them explore the world. They are my treasures!

Now, if you don’t have small children to share this adventure with, don’t worry! Rainbows are fun and magical no matter how old you are! Get out there, and take a moment to enjoy the rainbow of colors around you. Immerse yourself in nature, and soak in the beauty this state of Iowa has to offer. You just never know what you’ll discover at the end of the rainbow!

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  1. Neat idea! Gives me all kind of ideas, like taking pics of things using every letter of the alphabet or seeing how many you can find beginning with one particular letter, etc.

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