Living Deliciously at White House 220 Cupcakery

White House 220
The White House 220 Cupcakery in Alta, Iowa offers a menu of yummy breads and cupcakes on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Yummy! Fun! Those two words pretty much sum up the date night my husband and I had at White House 220 Cupcakery in Alta, Iowa. The cupcakery, owned by Peg Hinkeldey, is an adorable venue-both inside and out. The cupcakery opened less than 2 years ago and has proved to be a delicious adventure.

The cupcakery sells gourmet cupcakes on Friday and Saturday mornings each week from 9 AM to 12 PM or until the cupcakes are sold out. During the summer, the cupcakery is open from 6:00-9:00 PM on Friday and Saturday evenings. So, when my husband and I found ourselves kid-less (thanks to my parents), we decided to try out the mini cupcakes, bread, and sangria we’d been hearing about.

We stopped in the store and picked out some cupcakes to enjoy. With no kids we might as well go for dessert first, right? The flavors are different each night, but the Monster Cookie and Upside Down Pineapple we tried were pretty fabulous! We sampled the house-made sangria (which was so good we each decided to fill up our glasses-mine with added fruit and his without), and made our way to the backyard.

Inviting Outdoor Seating
The outdoor seating was inviting, relaxing and super fun. It can be romantic, too, if you are looking for that sort of thing!

I must say, walking into the backyard at White House 220 Cupcakery was like walking into a different city. The brick backdrop, music, and outdoor seating was reminiscent of downtown Iowa City or Old Market in Omaha, not what you think to find in small-town Alta, Iowa. Old chairs serve as swings and an old door hanging from a tree is a table. A life-size Jenga game sat in a corner, inviting visitors to have fun. I’ve also heard a bicycle built for two often sits in the yard just waiting to be taken for joy ride.

Peg and her husband, Bruce, are host and hostess Friday and Saturday nights. Although they each have day-time careers, they are perfect for these jobs! It was like being at a backyard party with friends instead of being at an eating establishment. Peg brought us a bread menu, and Bruce shared info about the craft beers and local wines with guests. The menu had a handful of specialty focaccia (Italian flatbread) and fresh baguettes to choose from. We chose the Focaccia Italian Alfredo.

Playing Jenga
Trying to beat my husband playing Jenga in the backyard at White House 220 Cupcakery.

While we waited for our bread, we sipped our sangria and enjoyed each others company in the intimate atmosphere. I eventaully talked my husband into a match of Jenga. I’m competitive and had fun trying to beat him. (I secretly wanted to put my name on a Jenga block if I won.) It was harder than I thought. The stack of blocks was eventually taller than me, it slowly stated to sway more on each turn, and then, as I was pulling a block from the stack, it came clattering to the ground in a huge heap. He won. He signed his name. I think we need a rematch!

Yummy Food!
Yum! Words cannot describe how delicious this was!

We enjoyed our Focaccia Italian Alfredo which was topped with creamy alfredo sauce, Italian sausage, melty cheese, chopped tomatoes, and green onions. It tasted as amazing as it sounds! You need to try it for yourself! We totally recommend it.

Before we left, we were already talking about our next trip to the White House 220 Cupcakery. The atmosphere, food, and service were top-notch. We want to bring our friends and our kiddos (that’s two different trips). Peg shared that the neighborhood kids often come with their parents and have a blast playing Jenga. Others come to enjoy a glass of wine and relax with a good book. Groups of friends come to hang out or try new wines and beers. The backyard is perfect for all kinds of fun.

The backyard is also open during regular Cupcakery hours. So feel free to enjoy your cupcake inside or out. Peg shared that the little cupcakes freeze well, so you can get your cupcake fix any day of the week. If that’s not a good reason to buy a big box of yummy cupcakes, I don’t know what is!

Great Date Night
We had an amazing time on our date night at the White House 220 Cupcakery!

The White House 220 Cupcakery hosts parties, special events, and can make cupcakes for all your special occasions. Check them out on Facebook to stay up to date on their schedule of events and most importantly, the current list of cupcake flavors!

We had a memorable date night at the White House 220 Cupcakery. We tried something a little different and had a great time just hanging out. You never know what fun you’ll find when you try something new. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to stop by the cupcakery on a Friday or Saturday to live deliciously!

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