Keeping Cool on the Last Days of Summer

Ready for Fun
The girls are all set for some fun in the driveway!

With Labor Day Weekend and football games in full swing, summer appears to be about over. The really hot days are fewer but can show up when we least expect it, causing us to dig out the swim suits and water toys for one last hurrah. On one of those recent hot days, my girls and I had a Girls Adventure in our driveway that kept us cool and in fits of laughter.

“I think it is a good day for water balloons,” announced one of my girls nonchalantly after coming in from a walk. Although I had plenty of things to accomplish in the air conditioned comfort of my home, I seized the moment and told the girls to find swim suits. The collective, “Thanks, Mom!” and cheering made this detour in my day well worth it!

I found our supplies and started the tedious job of filling balloons. My girls weren’t allowed to touch the balloons until they were all filled (I didn’t want to get soaked by the tiny grenades before I had enough to throw back at them). So, I put the girls to work. One handed me empty balloons and the other drew targets on the driveway with chalk.

A few hours later, (it wasn’t that long but it really does take a long time to fill those suckers), and we were ready for fun! We started by tossing balloons at the targets to see who could get closest to the middle. That went well for a bit, and then the girls started launching the balloons at me double-fisted. A chase ensued, and balloons were smashed left and right leaving splatters of water and shattered balloons everywhere. Soon the bucket of balloons was empty, and we were just starting to get wet. The fun ended all too soon!

Cold Shower
This little one loved popping the balloons above her head!

Shouts for more balloons were followed by me taking my station by the spigot. We filled more balloons assembly line style. We played catch and tried smashing balloons with our feet. We found that tossing balloons at someone else’s feet was the trick to making the balloons explode. We were all giggling and laughing as we chased each other around the yard. One of my girls had a blast squeezing the balloons over her head and taking a shower in the cold water.

Once the balloons were gone, we filled tubs of water and a water table for even more sunny day fun. The water toys, usually meant for the beach, were out as well and served as cooking utensils at a makeshift water kitchen. I found myself a beach chair, dipped my toes in a bucket of water and let the girls bring me ‘water soup’ and ‘water cookies.’ It was great fun, much better than taking care of things in the air conditioned house!

Squirt Gun Fun
The girls loved using squirt guns. They decided they need bigger ones next summer!

I’ve been told that someday my girls would scheme to gang up on me, especially because they are twins. Well, that happened while I took a quick break to grab a drink. When I came outside, I could hear sounds of two little girls giggling and whispering. As I strained to eavesdrop on their conversation, I heard, “Let’s get mom!” just as I rounded the corner. To my surprise, I was sprayed with cold water from the hose. I screamed and looked up to find one girl with the hose and the other one at turning the hydrant to full blast. Both were grinning ear to ear!

With a few more water rules established, like don’t use the hose without permission, and don’t spray mom, the girls continued to play in the water until their fingers and toes were wrinkly. They used water and homemade sponge balls (stack three kitchen sponges, cut each in three pieces lengthwise, secure them with a rubber band around the middle, and soak in water for endless fun) to ‘paint’ the garage. They watched foot prints disappear in the hot sun. The girls found so much fun in our own driveway. We sure didn’t need to go far to have a great Girls Adventure!

Sneak Attack
Gotcha! Someone decided to sneak up on her sister! Luckily, her sis enjoyed the surprise shower!

There are so many fun things to do in and with water. Whether you have a lake, a pool, a tub of water, a spray bottle, or a few water balloons, you can make your own fun. It doesn’t matter if you have little kids or if your kids are all grown, there are just some days that call for some water play! You are never too old to join in the fun! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, grab the hose, and have an adventure today!

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