Greenhouse Girls

Jones Nursery Sign
Jones Nursery and Garden Center is located on Highway 7, West of Storm Lake, Iowa.

Flowers, veggies, and plants, oh my! Our first Girls Adventure of the summer took us to Jones Nursery and Garden Center on the outskirts of Storm Lake, Iowa. The sun was finally shining after a week of rainy, gloomy days, so we took advantage of the change in weather. The girls and I quickly made a list of the vegetables we needed for our garden and drove across town. In the past, I’ve tried to go to a greenhouse on my own, but I decided this year would be different. I was up for an adventure, and it proved to be a great decision!

With our list in hand, we found a cart and started to look around. Jones Nursery is a quaint greenhouse with a nice variety of plants. It was easy to navigate with two busy kids. The girls found all the vegetables on our list, except broccoli. Determined to find it, one of my 5 year-olds found a greenhouse employee on her own and asked for help. The employee was very helpful, and low and behold, the broccoli had been hiding. To her delight, my little one was able to pick out her very own broccoli plants with a free lesson on assertiveness.

Old Bed Planter Box
One of the planter boxes at the greenhouse was made from an old bed. Antique doors and wagons were also made into decorative planters.

Once our task of finding veggies was accomplished, we continued to explore the greenhouse. There are many new features at Jones Nursery, so if it’s been awhile since your last visit or you’re still looking for a few plants this year, take a moment to check them out. There is a new pallet house in the back, fun yard art, and many neat plantings scattered throughout the nursery. Seeing all the vibrant colors and new plants brightened my day.

My girls enjoyed looking around too. They explored the garden areas and tried out the benches and swings. We played I-Spy with colors and counted the pink flamingos hiding among the flowers. The girls and I read the names of the plants and picked out our favorites. We giggled and laughed our way around the greenhouse.

Baby Worm
Baby worms are quite fascinating. Look closely to find the smallest worm ever!

We continued the Girls Adventure in our backyard. I dug holes, and the girls patted dirt around our baby plants. Well, one of my girls spent the whole time picking up worms from the overturned dirt and the other worked on slowly planting one pepper plant while naming the rest. We have ‘Hot Girls’ (jalapeno peppers) and ‘Banana Boys’ (banana peppers) currently growing in our little plot of dirt. The girls watered their new plants while I finished planting. I didn’t do the best job supervising though. I turned around to find my more adventurous girl covered head to toe in mud. She thought it was fun to walk across the newly watered garden in her brand new shoes. I didn’t care too much though. We were having fun, and it wasn’t anything a washing machine and shower couldn’t fix. I started the day knowing it would be full of adventure, right!?

Planting Peppers
Planting Peppers was an important job for this little gal.

Our trip to Jones Nursery was a great way to kick-start our summer Girls Adventures. We took the ordinary task of finding plants and turned it into something more. It didn’t take more than finding joy in the simple things, a little imagination, and getting our hands dirty to have a great adventure. And as we watch our vegetables grow this summer, we will be reminded of all the fun we had one spring day at a little greenhouse in Iowa.

So, whether it is Jones Nursery in Storm Lake or your own local greenhouse or plant store, go have an adventure. Take time to explore, play games, and discover how the ordinary can become extraordinary.

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  1. I had some gardening adventures of my own today but would have been more fun with your girls! But I did get rained on!

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