Girls Night and an ABC Walk: Finding Fun From A to Z

What do we do while Dad is away? Have a Girls Adventure, of course! So, while my husband was gone on a business trip last week, we found our own fun in Storm Lake, Iowa. It was a school night, so we had a limited amount of time, but we made the most of it!

The Start to our Night
This is where our Girls Adventure started! We had great food and conversation before going for a walk through downtown!

We started our evening with a girls supper at a downtown restaurant. The girls wanted fast-food but I bribed them with the promise of cheese balls so we could go ‘fancy’ for the evening! Eating out is a treat for our family, and eating somewhere that serves more than chicken nuggets, french fries, or pizza is an even bigger treat for me!

Boz Wellz Pub & Eaterie on Erie Street proved to have something great for all of us! The meals for kiddos are very reasonably priced and come with smile fries (a huge hit). One of my girls tried the grilled peanut butter and jelly and was in ooey-gooey heaven! She licked every last drop from her fingers! We were too full for dessert, but next time we will be saving room for the famous cheesecake or another one of their amazing desserts! I know my girls will hold me to that!

The food was great, but the company was even better! It was fun to have the girls all to myself and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning up the mess. They were excited to be somewhere different too and were super chatty. I learned a lot about their new friends from school and tidbits about what they were learning. It wasn’t all smiles though. Truth be told, I had to put a stop to a couple squabbles and ran to the bathroom with a child on more than one occasion, but I tried to stay positive about it all so we could have fun! Ultimately, across the booth from me were two little girls who were turning into amazing young ladies. I enjoyed their company and look forward to more girls nights with them in the years to come!

Letters on Every Corner
Letters are everywhere! We practiced reading the signs and finding the alphabet.

After eating more than my share of good food, I was ready to call is a night, but my girls had a different idea. They asked to go for a walk, so that’s just what we did! We grabbed our jackets (I can’t believe it is getting so chilly in the evenings already!), and we started our walk around downtown. The girls noticed the letters on the Boz Wellz sign and decided they wanted to find the letters of the alphabet as we walked. Soon, our walk was dubbed an ‘ABC walk.’

We started with the letter ‘A’ and moved through the entire alphabet, trying to spot the letters on business windows and street signs. This activity was super entertaining for the five-year-olds, but I have to admit, it was fun for me too! It was a great evening for a walk, and the added challenge made it even better. Soon, we were finding letters all over the place!

More Letters!
The girls loved spotting letters on the building where their dad works!

We did a little window shopping along the way, and took time to see what Downtown Storm Lake has to offer. It was a fun way to explore our city and learn more about it. (There were a few businesses I didn’t even know about, so be sure to take a closer look your downtown. You never know what you might discover!) The girls and I found all the letters, even the tricky ones like ‘Z’, ‘Q’ and ‘X,’ in no time. After our mission was complete, we went home to snuggle and read stories before bed. I’m fairly certain we all fell asleep with smiles on our faces!

Getting Dark on our ABC Walk
It started to get dark on our ABC Walk, but that did not stop us! It was fun to see our downtown in a different light.

I could have cooked supper at home and gone through the usual week night routine. But, I didn’t. I could have said ‘no’ to the walk and called it a night. But, I didn’t. I could have gotten upset about the arguments and potty breaks during supper. But, I didn’t. I lived in the moment, made decisions on a whim, kept a positive frame of mind, and let the girls have a little control over our evening. I’m so glad we did something out of the ordinary, because in doing so, we turned an ordinary evening into an extraordinary Girls Adventure!


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    1. We are all looking forward to cheesecake! When my girls heard there was dessert they got pretty excited! I know they won’t let me forget about that!

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