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Getting’s Garden: Strawberry Picking at it’s Finest

Getting’s Garden
We could hardly wait to get out to the fields! The memories made at Getting’s Garden will last a lifetime!

Strawberries! Rows and rows of sweet, red, juicy, strawberries! It seemed as though the berries were calling us to the fields once we arrived at Getting’s Garden, a third-generation, family-owned and operated strawberry farm, near Sanborn, Iowa. The girls had been asking to return to this very spot since our visit last year, so I knew it would be a perfect Girls Adventure. It proved to be a very sweet adventure, indeed!

The girls were ready in record time in anticipation of our trip. The hour and fifteen minute car ride passed quickly as we played car games and listened to music. The excitement grew as I turned into the driveway of Getting’s Garden. The three of us were soon riding the Strawberry Express, a gator-like vehicle, to the fields of luscious berries.

Picking Berries
People of all ages filled the fields to find the perfect berries for jams, pies, and snacking!

Once in the field, we were given a box, assigned a row of strawberries, and got to work picking. The work was fun, the company was great, and the perks were even better! We hadn’t been picking long when one of my girls asked to taste the fruits of her labor. Soon sticky, red juice ran down her chin, and a smile spread across her face. I must admit I had to give into temptation once, too. Okay, I confess, I was tempted by these sweet little berries more than once. But, I swear they were just asking to be eaten!

We stayed on task for the most part, admiring the berries, and plucking them from the vines. Our box filled quickly. Soon it was almost overflowing. One of my girls, with big eyes, told me we better stop picking. With a glance at the box I realized she was right. We had more berries than we knew what to do with! It was just so hard to stop picking once we started. We rode the Strawberry Express back to the Market where the berries were weighed and put on a shelf while we shopped.

Yummy Treat from the Market
We had quite an appetite after ‘working’ in the field. We enjoyed a yummy treat at the Market.

The Market was full of all things strawberry. Pre-picked berries, jams, salsas, and everything in between were available for purchase. Sweet strawberry treats caught our eyes. We tried the Strawberry Angel Dream-a heavenly miniature angel food cake with fresh strawberries and a heap of soft serve vanilla ice cream. Maybe it was the fun we were having or maybe it was the fresh berries, but in the words of a five year old, “It was sooooo delicious!” (I seriously heard her say that between every bite!)

Feeding Animals
Even my non-animal lover was coaxed to feed a donkey from her hand. The cheese puff-eating pot bellied pig was a favorite.

Before heading out, we stopped to visit the animals which were new to Getting’s Garden this year. For $1 the girls fed goats, sheep, a miniature cow, donkey, a miniature pony, a bunny, and a pot-bellied pig. The animals seemed to be a big hit with the kids visiting the strawberry patch! After all the animals were fed and a few photos were taken we were ready to head out.

We paid for our berries ($2.05 a pound during the 2015 picking season), and picked up a case of those yummy mini angel food cakes. We were sad to leave the fields full of berries but were excitedly making plans for whipping up yummy strawberry treats of our own.

Strawberry Sisters
The girls showing off their prized berries. They had so much fun and have already asked when we can go back to Getting’s Garden!

If you’ve never picked your own strawberries before, get out there and give it a try! Pickers of all ages would enjoy what Getting’s Garden has to offer. We’ll be back next year for sure! We made many ‘berry sweet’ memories on this Girls Adventure!

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**The strawberry picking season is short, so be sure to follow Getting’s Garden on Facebook for their hours of operation.

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