Game Night: Group Date Fun

Looking for a fun date night idea? I have an idea for you that involves fun, laughter, and friends. Recently, my husband and I hosted a game night at our home and had a blast! And yes, even though we were in our home and our friends were over, I count this as a date night. Our kids were in bed, and we were doing something other than cleaning or watching TV. That has to count for something!

Apples to Apples Game
Apples to Apples is a favorite at game night!

For the last year or so, we’ve been getting together with three other couples for game night. The hosting couple gets to choose the games and menu. We’ve done all sorts of things such as playing card or board games, eating out at a local restaurant, and having a family-friendly backyard party complete with s’mores. When the group first started, some of us didn’t know each other very well, but over games and food, we have developed friendships. (Which is a great benefit in small town Iowa.)

For this particular game night, everyone brought snacks to share. We ate yummy goodies and played a round of Apples to Apples, a hilarious board game of comparisons. The laughter and conversation started rolling. The game ended, and I pulled out a secret game I had been saving just for this occasion. I scored a never-opened copy of The New Newlyweds Game, copyright 1986 for just $2 at a thrift shop. It proved to be big time fun! The object of the game was to have the wives guess the husbands’ answers to Memory, Personality, Sensuality, and Potpourri questions and vice-versa.

The New Newlywed Game
This game was definitely worth the $2 I paid at a thrift shop. The laughter didn’t stop!

I’ll apologize now; we were laughing so hard that I completely failed to snap photos. (Plus, due to the content of the game, I’m sure my friends would appreciate having their identities hidden!)  The game was straight out of the ’80’s; before being politically correct was a priority, and before TV doctors included McSteamy and McDreamy.

We all quickly learned that we don’t know our spouses as well as we thought. To the defense of all of us, the questions were really tough. This was not a multiple choice test! We learned a lot. Like, one of the husbands would like to break out his MC Hammer pants. (Pretty sure we will hold him to that!) More than one of the participants got schooled on the meaning of whoopie, which has nothing to do with Whoopie Goldberg or whoopie pies, in case you are wondering!

The Newlywed Game Questions
The questions in The New Newlywed Game had us rolling in laughter and learning a thing or two!

Two rounds of the game left our cheeks hurting from laughter. That vintage game sure added a little spice to game night! I will be on the hunt for more of those gems but plan to bring out The New Newlywed Game at future game nights. So be prepared if you ever find yourself at my house for an evening of games!

How fun would it be to find other games and go all out to have an ’80’s-themed night?! Just imagine the big hair, neon colors, and playing cassettes on a boom box. A vintage game night can be made family-friendly too. We recently acquired a marble game called Avalanche which was made in 1966. After finding the rules online, my girls and I been having loads of fun.

The great thing is, you can break out a game and make it a family affair, group date, or a night at home for just the two of you. So, keep your eye out for those old boxes tucked away collecting dust and revive them. You never know what fun and laughter will come from opening the lid and sharing a game with others.

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