Buena Vista Conservation Park

Exploring Nature at Buena Vista County Conservation Park

Beautiful Girls at BV County Conservation Park
Enjoying the scenery at Buena Vista County Conservation Park.

Four miles west of Linn Grove, Iowa on 440th Street lies a hidden wildlife oasis. The Buena Vista County Conservation Park consists of 308 acres of wildlife habitat, picnic areas, campgrounds, hiking trails, and plenty of space to play. The girls and I visited the area on a Girls Adventure and enjoyed our time exploring nature.

We spent part of our day with friends. The modern campground area hosts a great playground area for kiddos. The kids loved the tornado slide, swings, and play structure. An empty bucket in my car (I carry one at all times for emergency situations) became a fun toy to fill with rocks and sand. A highlight at the playground was finding deer tracks in the sand and following them until they got lost in the grass.

Picnic Time
The kiddos had a great time playing on the playground equipment and having a picnic. The nature surrounding us was an amazing perk!

The picnic tables and shade were calling our names after a morning of play, so we grabbed our lunch boxes and had a picnic. The kiddos and moms enjoyed conversation and laughter in the great outdoors! After a little more play, our friends had to head home. The girls and I were left to explore the Buena Vista County Conservation Park a bit more on our Girls Adventure!

We drove to other areas of the park and found 2 large enclosed shelter houses. They are available to rent and are used for the many programs sponsored by the BV County Conservation Park. There were so many beautiful trees, grasses, and wildflowers; we were completely surrounded by nature. The girls and I found a nature trail and walked on it for a bit. The narrow trail, tall grasses, and just the thought of poison ivy spooked one of my girls so we didn’t hike very long. There is a creek near the trails; however, we didn’t make it that far! I’d love to go back and check out the trails again; it sounds like a great date idea to me!

Ready for the Nature Trail
The girls were excited to find a walking trail; they were not too keen on long grasses brushing against them though. We will have to work on loving all aspects of nature a bit more!

The girls found trees to pose by for photos and explored the ground for nature’s treasures. We found many bugs, leaves, acorns, and more deer tracks. In one area, we were at the top of a hill just taking in the beautiful scenery, when one of my girls exclaimed, “I can see the whole world of trees from up here!” There were a lot of trees! I can only imagine how beautiful it will be once the trees take on more fall colors.

This slide was a huge hit at the campground. This along with a play structure and swings lead to lots of laughter!

If you haven’t done so, be sure to explore the Buena Vista Conservation Park on your own or with family and friends. If you enjoy nature, you’ll appreciate this area! Also be sure to check out the fun events sponsored by BV County Conservation Park. My girls attended a day camp earlier in the summer and had a blast learning about spiders,

This little gal found a bug on the sidewalk and loved it!!

caterpillars, and snakes! For a nominal fee they looked for these creepy, crawly critters on a hike, made crafts, and had a fun snack. I know we’ll be back in the future! Check out the Buena Vista Conservation Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events!

What are you waiting for?  Grab your hiking shoes, and head outdoors! 

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