Double Date on the Green

Double Date on the Green
A double date at the golf course was a great way to spend time with friends and my hubby!

A date night post is long overdue! It is hard to make date nights happen with our busy family schedule. If you’ve found tricks to make date nights happen on a consistent basis, let me know your secrets! But until we are empty-nesters (only 13-plus years from now), we will do the best we can to fit adult time in with the craziness of kids!

We did manage a double-date with our friends earlier this summer (busy life also means I am behind on posting a few things!). They asked us to golf with them on a weeknight. We found a sitter and happily agreed! This was an activity we knew the guys would even enjoy.

The husbands golf together on a local league, so they get plenty of practice and enjoy extra time on the course. My friend had been a golfer before kiddos and was looking forward to time on the links again. Then there was me. Prior to this date, I had hit golf balls at a driving range a few times and had only ever played a hole or two on an actual course.

Giving golf a shot! Do not judge my form-I am still learning!

But I was ready! I had golf clubs; pink ones at that! I had tees and brand new golf balls; all pink as well. And, I had a coordinating outfit (any guess on the color?!). I figured if I didn’t know what I was doing, I was going at least look good and make people think I’d done this before! Sometimes it is a lot more about having a positive attitude and focusing on fun rather than worrying about skill level or performance!

We had a great time! We devised a variation of best-ball as our scoring plan. None of us really cared about our score though. We were just looking to have fun. And that we did! I found that I am NOT a natural born golfer, which was really not a surprise. I learned a few things though and had some much needed adult-time with a group of amazing people. One of my shots was actually used, so that was an added bonus!

Golf Night
Great night. Great friends. What more can I say?!

After finishing 9 holes of chasing golf balls, we had worked up an appetite. We grabbed a bite to eat at a local establishment before we called it a night. It really didn’t matter where we golfed or where we ate, it was all about having fun with great company! So whether it’s actual golf, mini-golf, Frisbee golf, or even ‘golf’ the card game, grab a couple friends and book a sitter if you need one. A week night date might be just what you need to recharge and get your fix of fun!

P.S. Since this double date on the green, my husband and I have managed to golf two more times sans kiddos. We golfed on our anniversary, which was more about having fun than being romantic!

Taking Time to Relax
I found time to relax a bit while on our double date night. It was pretty great!

Then, over the weekend we found ourselves without kiddos when they were invited to their very first birthday party without us (EEEK!). Instead of reminiscing about how they grew up way too fast, we hit the links again. Three dates on the golf course within the matter of a couple months must be some kind of record! My golf skills are improving, and while I am far from being a master golfer, I will be ready for more golfing fun, and dates, in the future!

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