BVU Athletics Provide Family Fun

Buford the Beaver
The girls were so excited to see Buford at BVU’s Homecoming festivities!

Athletes + Cheerleaders + Buford the Beaver + Popcorn = Family Fun! If you haven’t checked out a BVU athletic event, you need to put it on your to-do list! Our family has enjoyed cheering on the Beavers over the years. As mentioned in my post about the Estelle Siebens Science Center, BVU holds a special place in our hearts. Bringing our girls back to campus for athletic events is just one way we share our love for the university. Living in Storm Lake makes getting to the games very doable, but if you live in surrounding communities, a road trip to the heart of Storm Lake would be well worth it!

This weekend, our family helped BVU celebrate Homecoming. A whole host of activities were available for current students, alumni, and community members throughout the weekend. Before the football players even hit the field, fun was being had! There was a carnival for kids on the campus lawn including inflatables, tattoos, photo opportunities with Buford the Beaver, lawn games, and the ever popular balloon-animal making clown. Campus tours, a picnic meal and beer garden were also available. Our girls enjoyed the festivities, and we loved showing them around campus a bit more.

Go, Fight, Win!
We had a great time cheering on the Beavers!

After enjoying a picnic lunch, we made our way to the field. The cheerleaders were popular with the crowd. My girls were in awe of their impressive formations. The football game was exciting to watch too, especially the last half. And although the Beavers weren’t able to pull off a win, it was a great day to be a Beaver fan. It was the first time our girls sat through an entire football game, so I was pretty impressed by that too! If watching a football game wasn’t enough, the J. Leslie Rollins Stadium & Peterson Field are in an amazing location. You can watch football and see a beautiful lake at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Game Day
The girls loved the Beaver tattoos and the popcorn! It was a great day for football!

I overheard someone at the homecoming game talking about how they’d rather go to a BVU game than an Iowa State game. (This was intriguing, so I kept listening.) She continued on by telling her friend that the campus is beautiful, you don’t have to park too far away, you get plenty of space to sit compared to stadium seating, and you get a front row seat practically anywhere you sit. These are all very true points. You don’t have to travel far in Northwest Iowa to enjoy a college game!

Earlier this season an evening football game was played under the lights. We weren’t able to attend but heard the field and lake were just breath-taking. I sure hope that night games become a BVU tradition to enjoy in years to come!

Balloon Animals
The balloon animals were a super fun perk of the per-game festivities. BVU provided many family-friendly activities.

Football isn’t the only game taking place on campus this time of year. Our family has watched tennis, volleyball, and soccer this fall. While we know very few athletes, we still have a great time cheering for all the BVU teams! It has been a great learning experience for our girls. It is fun to watch them start to understand a game. They are able to read the scoreboard now which keeps them interested. Another great perk is that many athletic events at BVU are free to attend. In fact, football and basketball are the only events where fees are collected. You can find a schedule of upcoming athletic events here. Although many fall sports are coming to an end, winter sports will be starting soon. No matter the season, there is always a team to cheer for!

Go Beavers!
BVU athletic events are a great way to spend time with family members and friends!

It doesn’t matter if you graduated from BVU or live in Storm Lake, making a trip to Buena Vista University’s beautiful campus for an athletic event is sure to be a good time. (I really can’t think of any excuses for not going!) So, dig out your blue and gold attire, gather your family and friends, grab some popcorn at the concession stand, and enjoy cheering on the many BVU teams!

Go Beavers!

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