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An Adventure of a Different Kind: The First Day of Kindergarten

Hello! My blog posts have been fewer these days, and for good reason. I enjoyed the last weeks of my summer and made sure the girls and I had as much fun as possible before school started. We played, we created, we explored, we relaxed, but best of all, we made many fun memories. I am super behind on posting about our fun adventures though and hope to get back into a routine very soon. We found so many fun things I can’t wait to share with you!

First Day of School Family Photo
Look how grown up these two are! They were so excited for Kindergarten to start!

My girls started a countdown until the first day Kindergarten early on in the summer. They got more excited as the day got closer. We started our preparations by having our very first Girls School Shopping Adventure! The girls routinely go to the grocery store and run errands with me, but we had never had a full day of shopping together. The three of us were pretty excited!

The shopping trip took us to Sioux City, Iowa. With school supply list in hand, we began our great shopping adventure in Target. An hour later, our cart was piled high with 4 boxes of crayons, 6 bottles of glue, 24 pencils, 2 boxes of Kleenex, and all the other things Kindergartners need these days. I imagine there will be a lot of learning and plenty of germs to go along with those items this year!

Our next stop was lunch. We compromised on Panera Bread (okay, not so much a compromise but a carefully guided decision by mom). While I watched the girls from across the table, I realized that they weren’t so little anymore. And although that made me slightly sad, I was pretty darn proud of the two girls my husband and I have raised.

Shopping Fun
The girls had fun shopping and posing with all the dog statues we found-amazing how many stores have these things!

We spent four more hours shopping the day away. The girls picked out clothes for school. They had a blast trying on clothes in the dressing room and modeling in the mirror and for each other. My girls truly felt good about themselves. They were beaming with happiness while they found their own style. I took the time to just stop and watch. I hope and pray they have this confidence as they grow.

The girls found it especially fun to pick out clothes for me to try on as well. Although I didn’t come home with any new outfits (the day was for them, not me), I found it to be an eye-opening experience. One girl picked out anything with sparkles, and the other was full of compliments. They didn’t see the flaws I saw when I tried on the bikini they thought I just had to have. If only we all saw the world, others, and ourselves through the eyes of a five-year old!

Welcome Back Conferences
Ready to unload backpacks and meet teachers!

With backpacks bursting with supplies and kids full of anticipation, we attended Welcome Back Conferences at school last week. The girls met their teachers, found their lockers, and explored their classrooms. I found comfort in meeting the wonderful teachers I would be entrusting my babies to this year. The countdown was in the single digits. Kindergarten was almost here.

We spent the last weekend before school started making more memories as a family. We hung out with friends and enjoyed time at Lost Island Lake. A trip to Tropical Sno for treats began what I hope is a yearly tradition. I read the girls special poems (you can find them at the end of the post) about Kindergarten and kissed my babies goodnight.

First day of School
The girls were excited for their first day of Kindergarten!

Then, this morning, I brought my oldest (by one minute) and youngest to Kindergarten for the very first time. This was a new adventure. One I wasn’t really sure how to prepare for. This was uncharted territory. But as I watched my girls navigate through the big school and find their classrooms, I realized that this adventure will be a good one. They are ready for this (and so am I). I, along with a whole village of people, have prepared them for the world ahead. And although my role in their lives is changing, I am looking forward to adventures of a different kind!

I Love You, Baby Girl

I remember the day you were born,
And now I take you to Kindergarten in the morn.
You are becoming an amazing little lady.
I thank God for you each and every day.
I love you, Baby Girl-
My girl with big blue eyes and hair full of curl.
You are confident, brave, and don’t like to sit.
You’ve always had a free spirit.
You love to play in the dirt and jump in puddles,
But end the day with stories and cuddles.
You’ll always be my Baby Girl-
My girl with big blue eyes and hair full of curl.
You love to create, sing, and play,
And you hope to be a teacher someday.
I can’t wait to see what you do,
The world is full of possibility for you!
I’ll always be there for you, Baby Girl-
My girl with big blue eyes and hair full of curl.
I pray you always stay true to you,
And let God guide all you do.
And while in the morn I’ll be sad to see you go,
I am excited to watch you continue to grow.
I am proud of you, Baby Girl-
My girl with big blue eyes and hair full of curl.


Hello, Little One

Hello, Little One,
Your smile shines like the sun.
You bring laughter to my life,
Your quick wit and humor rarely lead to strife.
You are sweet, kind, and have a big heart.
In time of need, you are ready to do your part.
I love to see you play piano, dance, and sing.
I look forward to what your future will bring.
I’m proud of the little girl you’ve come to be.
Watching you grow means so much to me.
Tomorrow is the start of your Kindergarten year-
The beginning of many wonderful things, my dear.
While you are excited, nervous, and scared,
I know you’ll have stories of fun and friendships shared.
In many ways you are bound to grow.
The plans for you only God will know.
I pray this year will be great for you.
I’ll be here as you try things new.
May the road ahead be full of happiness and fun.
I love you, Little One.

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  1. Your adventures are really a joy to read and make me feel as tho I am part of your day! Keep up the terrific writing and enjoy your time with your kids as they grow so…so fast!

  2. Wow! You wrote these poems! Maybe a new calling for you?! Sounds like you have done a great job preparing everyone for this monumental day.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I wrote poetry from the time I could spell up until about 10 years ago. These are my first pieces in a long time!

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