A Day With Dad

Mom was out on business on Saturday, so it was just me and the girls. Yep, you’re getting a guest columnist this time around for the HomeGrownIowaGirl Blog. I’m writing due to suggestions throughout the day from the girls that I should share our adventures on Mom’s website. I heard the same from Amy upon her return. It was fate.

It’s not often it’s just me and the girls. We had some serious errands to take care of though. After two trips to the car wash, and a little money lesson, we were good to go. We also got a little refresher on time management. Unbeknownst to me, the money girl and clock watcher in the corner of the car wash bay wanted to be certain I’d have plenty of time on the clock. I guess a second round of clear coat, and an extra rinse couldn’t hurt!

After getting our vehicles extra clean and a trip to pick up some light bulbs, the girls were hungry for lunch. We settled on a Dad day treat at Dairy Queen and agreed it was best for all of us to enjoy the nice weather with a afternoon walk. As we pulled out of the DQ parking lot for home, I turned onto my normal “scoop the loop” route which would take us along the north shore of Storm Lake. As we neared the lake, I suggested on a whim that we get our boots and check out the ice. The girls were excited to try something new.

The weather was perfect for a day of exploring on the ice.

I took the girls to a hot spot for ice fishing. As we began walking on the ice I had one child that suddenly became Nervous Nellie and another that needed a leash. It was difficult for the girls to understand just how thick the ice was. Nellie was afraid of the cracking noises we heard as we walked across some spots which, I’m assuming, resulted from top layers freezing and thawing.

Frankly, although I’ve been around lakes all my life, this was my first time on the ice too. I had to use my ‘tough Dad’ voice to provide assurance that the ice was more than thick enough to hold us. I was confident that we would be fine amidst the noise of gas ice augers and flurry of activity in the area. Nellie was reminded that there were ATVs and huts sitting on the lake, so we’d be fine. Just then, Brawny – straight out of the commercial – stoically walked across the creaky patch of ice we had encountered. My credibility suddenly enhanced. Meanwhile, our ‘puppy’ is jumping all over the place trying to make cracking noises.

These two could have stayed on the lake all day, especially once Nervous Nellie’s jitters were calmed!

I spotted a couple gentlemen perched on five gallon buckets nearby. In an effort to quell Nellie’s nerves, and provide a teaching moment for both girls, I approached them hoping they would help with an ice fishing lesson. With a sandwich in one hand and a fishing pole in the other, our new friend happily showed the girls his fishing hole. We measured the ice to be 12-14 inches thick.  The girls were able to check out the bait and ice auger, too. After a short conversation and giving thanks, we left the fellas to their lunch and nice afternoon.

Now, I’m not the hunter-gatherer type. I’m not a fisherman either. I prefer my food brought to me, which might explain some of the conversations in our kitchen about me not helping enough to prepare supper. Our suppers are great, by the way. Why fix something that isn’t broken, right? The only exception to my hunter-gatherer philosophy is when I have the privilege of helping my in-laws on their family farm. There’s not anything more spectacular than being in the field on a crisp fall day during harvest. Any city person should experience a dose of farm life at least once. I was converted quickly. But, what I was trying to say is, although I was completely out of my element, it was fun to see the activity on the lake and what it was all about. More importantly, it was great to see the girls learn something new and experience that with them.

What’s down there? The curious one almost found out a time or two! She quickly learned not to step in an used fishing hole!

As we continued our exploration, the girls asked, “Did you know those guys?”  Nope, but I do now. Another quick lesson on getting answers to our curiosities and meeting new people ensued. I’ll make good bankers out of them yet. After a few slips and falls for the girls, I talked our puppy into not walking across the entire lake. Instead, we circled back, hopped into the truck and checked out another spot on the lake I knew they’d enjoy.

There are a few small islands on the lake that Nellie has always wanted check out by boat, but I’ve never been fond of the idea. At least not until we explored the lake in a whole different way. Now the girls can say they have stepped foot on one of the islands.

We could have been on that lake all day.  We all enjoyed looking at the cracks in the ice that were created from the wind shifting it about, fishing holes that had refroze, and leaves that stuck to the ice which created “fossils” once removed.

Getting up close and personal lessons on the ice. Note all the anglers trying out their luck on the lake in the background.

We wrapped up the afternoon and night at Buena Vista University cheering on our women’s and men’s basketball teams. The girls enjoyed a quick concession stand supper – another Dad day perk. I was a famous dad until their friends came to sit down beside them. That’s okay. I get it.

The thing to remember from all this is that no matter where you live, it’s not too difficult to find something new and interesting. I’m all about new technology, but even I find myself using it a bit too much. It’s fun to step outside your comfort zone to explore and experience something new. Nellie learned a lot once the freak out factor abated and the explorer took hold. Our puppy learned plenty, too, even as her carefree personality shined. I’d say it was a Dad day success.

Now on to the editor in chief…

Notes from Nellie and our puppy (you can decide who wrote what):

*One day when Mom was gone Dad took us on the ice. And we went almost all the way across. And my sister freaked out. I almost fell in a hole. And we found an island. We picked up all sorts of things and there was a fossil. The end.

*I   did    not    freak    out.


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  1. Omgoodness!!! What a great guest blog! The puppy’s comments were great too! Glad you had so much fun on dad’s day!

    1. The girls haven’t stopped talking about this adventure-even Nellie! They can’t wait to take me out on the ice to explore. However, we may need to wait awhile. The rain and snow we got earlier this week is changing the ice. I think Dad and his girls had the perfect day to check things out!

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